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Personalised Mum / Dad ‘holds family together’ Oak Heart Puzzle Gift

  • A special gift for Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthdays or any special occasion.
  • Lovely personalised family oak heart puzzle gift.
  • Unique freestanding heart design any parent will adore.
  • Lovely white gift box.
  • FREE UK Delivery


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Personalisation Details


Your mum or dad will go crazy over this unique gift

A lovely individually crafted freestanding family oak heart which reads around the outside ‘You are the piece that holds us all together … and together we make a family’.
We engrave the first names of family members in puzzle pieces linked together. ‘Mum’, 'Dad', 'Gran', 'Grandad' or ANY name is engraved in the central heart, which is also individually connected to each family member.
A great gift to give for Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays or any other special occasion . It is unique and only available from Nicely Personalised. Your favourite person will adore it.

How is this personalised freestanding heart made?

This heart is precision laser cut from real veneered oak wood. The engraving process produces a nice darkened text which contrasts well with the oak face. Please note that wood, being a natural product, will have some variations in colour, grain and knots - no two of these personalised hearts will be the same. The oak heart slots into a clear round laser cut acrylic base with polished edges so that the base does not detract from the beauty of the heart itself.

What are the personalisation options?

- In the central heart, we can engrave ‘Mum’, or this can be changed as required. For example: 'Dad', ‘Mummy’, ‘Gran’ or even a first name like ‘Charlotte’.
- Between 2 and 6 other first names engraved around the heart, as shown in the product photos. The first name you provide will be engraved top/left and the additional names then clockwise from that name.
- Please note longer names may use a slightly smaller font, as required to fit the name within the required space.

What do I actually get?

- The heart, which is approximately 118mm high, 120mm across and 4mm thick.
- The base, which is approximately 90mm wide, 37mm deep and 4mm thick.
- A white gift box
- No other items shown in any of the product photos are included.

How is this gift packaged?

This unique gift comes in a lovely white gift box. The inside of this gift box has a white velvet foam insert - see product photos.

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