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Personalised Oak Entwined Hearts Framed Gift

  • Personalised oak 'entwined hearts' plaque 'float mounted' in a contemporary grey box frame.
  • A gorgeous gift that will be cherished forever.
  • Laser cut with both the couple's first names and significant date.
  • FREE UK Delivery


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Personalisation Details


Fantastic handmade gift for the committed couple, one they will treasure for years to come.

Created by our artisans and professionally handcrafted using real oak veneered wood, this personalised entwined hearts plaque is carefully 'float mounted' in a grey box frame against a contrasting black background. With both names permanently cut in wood, together with their significant date, our oak entwined hearts gift is a very special and unique way for a couple to show their commitment to each other.
You can't go wrong with this treasured gift for any couple. It is a lovely and intricate piece of art, which will look fantastic in any room—the perfect gift for an engagement; a wedding; an anniversary or Valentine's Day.
The oak plaque features the cut and interlinking first names of both partners lovingly wrapped around the top of the entwined hearts. Across the bottom of the hearts, we cut their most important date. The oak is hand finished with oil to both enhance and protect. The contemporary soft grey box frame will work perfectly with most room colour schemes and includes an easel back for displaying on a shelf or tabletop and hooks for hanging on the wall.
It is a gift that will be cherished forever, and every time they look at it; it will remind them of this significant event in their lives.

How do you make this personalised framed plaque?

We cut the couples first names, the significant date and the entwined hearts all from a single piece of wood. The names are linked across the top of the hearts with the & sign.
The plaque is then "float mounted", using secretly bonded brass spacers, over a contrasting black mountboard in a pleasing grey box frame. The secret spacers make the entwined heart plaque appear to float in front of the mountboard; this creates a shadow underneath the heart and adds some extra drama to this unique piece of art.
The personalised plaque is precision laser cut from hand-oiled, quality oak veneered MDF. The cutting process produces nice darkened edges that contrast nicely against the oak.
Please note that wood, being a natural product, will have some variations in colour, grain and knots - no two of our entwined heart plaques will be exactly the same.

What are the personalisation options?

The couple's first names (e.g. BEN & SOPHIE). Please note longer names will result in smaller text so as to fit across the top of the entwined hearts. The names will be cut in ALL CAPITALS.

The significant date (e.g. 13 06 21). Please note the date will always be cut in three groups of two digits and a leading zero will be automatically added to ensure there are always six digits.

What do I actually get?

The entwined heart plaque which is approximately 150mm high, 220mm wide and 4mm thick, float mounted in wooden box frame approximately 225mm high, 275mm wide and 25mm deep.
No glass is fitted over the plaque.
No other items shown in any of the product photos are included.

How is this gift packaged?

We carefully package the framed entwined heart plaque for safe shipping to you; it is NOT supplied in a gift box. The linkage between the letters may be fragile, and so as to avoid breakage, the heart plaque should be handled with care and kept out of the reach of children.

Additional information

Weight 430 g

United Kingdom

We take great pride and care individually making your order to the highest standards and ensuring rapid shipping.
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and to back this up, we offer a 90-day returns policy.


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